You Need To Know About Side – Effects of Mangoes

You Need To Know About Side - Effects of Mangoes at komalseo21

You Need To Know About Side – Effects of Mangoes

Mango is not called the king of fruits alone. The fruits of this fruit coming in the summer season are very good for people. There are many types of common markets in India, but some of the most famous ones like Alphonso, Dussehra, Lame, Chausa, Totapuri are famous. Eat any kind of mango, you get lots of vitamins and nutrients. In particular, this is considered a good source of vitamin A. There is a lush and sweet fruit, people like it so much, therefore, they eat too much. All the problems start right here.

Eating too much of mangoes can cause many disadvantages. Actually, mango is a hot fruit. Let us tell you some disadvantages of eating more quantity of common food –

Mango and chemical

To quickly cook mangoes, the merchants mix calcium carbide in it. There are many types of harm to health from this chemical. Even if you eat common food, it will be washed with water, but the effect of this chemical does not end. Therefore, we should try not to eat more amounts. In small quantities, this chemical cannot do you enough harm, as much as it can be reached.

Increase weight

In a medium sized mango, 135 calories are found. You can increase your weight by eating too much. But this does not mean that you do not eat enough. Eat less in small quantities. When eating mango, keep in mind that there is no more calorie content in the diet.

Throat problem

A kind of fluid emerges near the mouth of mango. If you do not clean it well before eating, then it goes in your throat and produces trouble. It can also cause sore throat and throat pain and swelling.

Boils and pears

As already mentioned here, the mangoes have warmed up. Due to excessive eating, it can cause blisters or rashes on the faces of the people and other parts of the body. So eat mango, however, but in limited quantities.

Damage in arthritis and sinus

Those people who have arthritis and sinus should eat a little less. Consumption of mangoes, like raw or cooked, can make you more worried.

Increase blood sugar levels

Mango has a considerable amount of natural mercury. Well the natural sugar is good for the body, but if you eat more quantity, then blood sugar can increase significantly. Specifically, patients with diabetes should take some care of common food items.

Problems of stomach

More common food and especially non-cereal food can have a direct effect on the stomach and can worsen the stomach. Apart from this, the warmth of mango can also spoil your stomach. If you eat a little mango, then your constipation will be good.

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