You Accidentally Ruin Your Smartphone in 9 Ways

You Accidentally Ruin Your Smartphone in 9 Ways

If there is a slight problem in the phone, then we begin to complain that the quality of the phone was bad, the company starts using the counterfeit goods today. But we do not mind that most phone malfunctions are due to our mistakes. These are the mistakes that we know that the phone may get spoiled but still do it. At the same time, many mistakes are made in ignorance. Next, we have mentioned 9 such mistakes, which often cause the phone to spoil.

  1. Use of phone while running sweat

In the summer, you are often sweating and you are talking on the phone. However, in this case, you should note that there are earphones slots on top of many phones. The earpiece you are talking to is also sweaty. Because of this, there is a possibility that the phone may get spoiled. Even though we know, however, the phones do this work. If sweat is going on, it is important to talk to the phone first, clean the sweat first and try to complete the matter in less words. If you use Bluetooth, then it is much better.

  1. Put the phone in the upper pocket

Many people would have heard that the phone was placed in the pocket of the above which fell and became worse. Not only this, the danger of being stolen is also high, yet people keep the phone in the pocket above the shirt. If you take two seconds more than the time you put it in the pocket then you can save it.

  1. Put the phone in charge at night

I’m not saying that leaving the charge in the charge overnight, your phone will be overcharged and spoiled. Rather, if you see the state of electricity in India then the power here is very unstable. That means the voltage fluctuates, there is no reason to keep the phone in charge by charging it for a long time.

  1. Installing apps from unknown sources

Google Play Store is integrated to install apps in android phones. But sometimes we use Sideload or a third-party app to install the app. Sideload means transfer of APK file from Bluetooth or any PC to phone and install. However, when you install the app, you are warned that this will spoil the phone but you still install the app. But you do not know that this can cause a lot of damage to the phone and the phone can be completely defective.

  1. Put the phone on the car dashboard

Many times when we sit in the car, we keep the phone on the dashboard but you probably do not know how much damage your phone may have. The dashboard is often hot and if the phone is left long and left, then the phone can become blasted or it may be completely damaged. So do not leave the phone on the dashboard of the car.

  1. Keep the phone anywhere

It is often seen that we are very careless about our phones. Keep it anywhere. Before placing the phone, see how Surface is. Because often you keep the phone on the table or on a hard surface and there is a lot of scratches on the camera. The picture quality of the phone will worsen as soon as the scratches take place.

  1. Using phone for four hours

You proudly say that my phone never gets off. But let me tell you that by not doing this, you spoil your phone. The phone should occasionally be able to and should be able to restart it twice a week if possible. It has a cache memory clean and all the apps in the phone work smoothly.

  1. Putting a metal cover in the phone

By the way, you have covered the metal cover for the protection of the phone but you probably do not know that it also causes damage to the phone. There may be a network problem in your phone because of a metal cover. In such a situation, whenever you put a cover in your phone, look carefully and if possible, then use the company-launched cover.

  1. Use of any charger and earphone in the phone

To charge the phone or to listen to the songs, we connect any one of our chargers or earphones to your phone but you probably do not know it causes damage to the phone. If someone’s pin is loose, then there is no hurry so that the phone slot can be spoiled and there is a possibility of a significant loss to the phone.

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