Uses and Benefits of ice cube Therapy

physical problems solution by using Feng Fu Therapy at komalseo21

Uses and Benefits of ice cube Therapy

We use ice in everyday life, but mostly in drinking things! We are going to tell you how ice can be used to overcome physical problems. Ice cube is used in China’s traditional acupuncture system that is applied on a particular part of the body. It provides relief in many body problems. China’s alternative treatment method is called Feng Fu.

Uses and Benefits of of ice cube Therapy for physical problems at komalseo21
Uses and Benefits of of ice cube Therapy for physical problems

In the throw Fu, ice cube is placed on a special point on the back side of the neck. Cloth strip can also be installed to maintain it. The snow should be kept for 20 minutes. When you keep ice on back side of the neck, you will initially feel very cold. It looks like this part is frozen. But then gradually all will start to become normal.

The advantages of Feng Fu Therapy: –

  • Help with good sleep
  • Improves digestion.
  • Reduce the problem of frequent colds.
  • Correct the pain of headache, teeth and joints
  • Increase respiratory and heart health.

  • Help in managing cerebral disorders and ineffective changes in spinal cord
  • Treatment of gastrointestinal and sexually transmitted infections
  • Supporting problems related to thyroid gland
  • Correct arthritis, hypertension and hypotension.
  • Helping in Asthma Control
  • Handled obesity and malnutrition.
  • Help in problems related to periods.
  • Correct mental-emotional disorders, stress, fatigue, depression, insomnia.

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