Traffic invoice can be paid through Paytm

Best way to pay traffic fine usig paytm at komalseo21

Traffic invoice can be paid through Paytm

Everyone should follow the rules while driving on the road. But if you accidentally break the traffic rules and you do not have the money to pay the fine then you can now use the most useful application –‘ Paytm’. It is going to add a new feature to make life reliable. It has started new service of pay fine using its application, so If you don’t have money in your pocket even though u will be able to pay the traffic fine. The service started by Paytm will now be available in Mumbai, Pune and Vijaywada. This payment service through PayPal Wallet will be soon available in other cities also. Now, no one can make excuses for not having money after break traffic rules.

How to use Paytm to pay fine online at komalseo21
How to use Paytm to pay fine online

How to use Paytm to pay fine

To fill up the fines, open Traffic Invoices tab of Paytm in android mobile. After that enter your vehicle number and the information asked in it so your given information will be checked and after that the e-invoice can be filled. It is important that you enter the name of your city for verification in the app and after that you can pay by debit or credit card or net banking using this application. You will receive a digital invoice of payment as soon as the process is completed.

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