The Best Top 10 Search Engines in World

The Best Top 10 Search Engine in World

The Best Top 10 Search Engines in World

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There is no doubt that Google is the world’s number one search engine. Google’s reign is over 70% of the search engines. Answers to more than 3 billion search queries per day. In 1998, this was launched by the search engine two friends Larry Page and Sergey Breen. Today Google makes its algorithm more powerful and more powerful.


Beedu is a Chinese search engine. Search engines are very popular in China. Started in January 2000, the search engine ranked fourth on the list.


Bing search engine has been created by Microsoft to counter Google. Bing works as the main search engine on every web browser of Microsoft. It was launched in 2009. The Bing team has been trying very hard to make this engine popular, but Google can not afford to hit it.

This website works like a question answer website. This website was started in 1996. But Google can not withstand it, it has stopped the search engine and created the website of the question answer. Today this website is very popular.


Yahoo! was popular at a time in the world. But I could not stand against Google. Even though this search engine is still popular. Yahoo is popular in providing free email service in the world. The search engine was launched in 1994. 2009 Yahoo! made a contract with Microsoft and Bing has created its own background engine. Yahoo’s market share is 10%.


The search engine, separate from all search engines, is a computational search engine. Which offers its facts and data instead of the web. Suppose I want to search about India, this web shows me every fact and figure.


This search engine is a Russian search engine and company. Which is very popular in Russia. In addition, there are more than hundreds of popular in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. This web, map, music, e-mails Many such services is offered.


This is a very popular search engine. The search engine market is 56%. Very popular in America Then the American company Verizon bought the company for $ 4.4 billion.


This website is a website of various types of online service providers. This includes email, search, message service, weather forecasting service. This website was started in 1995.

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