Social Bookmarking Submission

Social bookmarking is one of the important Search engine optimization off page technique and it is very useful for every blogger to get more traffic and backlinks to your website. There are thousands of websites are available on which internet user can store their favorite page, articles, video and image as per their interest.

Here, steps are given to implement this technique:

  1. Find the best social bookmarking sites.

Are you not aware of how to find social bookmarking site???No needs to worry because the best social bookmarking site list is available on this website. You can go through it.

  1. Upload the link

Each of the most popular social bookmarking sites offers slightly different way to upload link. Submit the link which you would like to bookmark.

  1. Write meaningful and short title

The heading is the most important to grab the attention of any user.  You have to write some short and sweet description for it.

NOTE: Do not use stop words (search engine do not consider extremely common words like in, for, the, here, all to speed up search results) and promotional words like buy, purchase, get, discount in title.

  1. Write down the description

Write brief description about your site in which you have to cover the points like which services and which kind of things are provided in this particular link.

  1. Select relevant category

List of categories such as funny, News, popular, article, medical, shopping, gaming are provided. As per your site, you have to select the category.

  1. Add tags

Add some relevant keywords in tag section and click the submit button.

TOP 5 Do Follow and No Follow Social Bookmarking Sites :


It is powered by ebay and best source to get instant traffic. A complete profile after registration will generate good traffic. Kindly, do not post same link more than one time otherwise, it will consider as spam.


A perfect place of content creation and marketing. Here, you can bookmark or create a complete article with backlinks to blog. It is having both free and premium plans. It contains high PR and good for backlink building.


This website is good for ad, business, entertainment news, sports, and politics news article submission. First and foremost, complete registration process and then you can submit link.


Bibasonomy is bookmarking and publication sharing high PR popular site.


Internet place where you can add any interesting web portal, web pages for reference and get backlinks. It offers both free and premium services to users.

List of Important Social Bookmarking Sites

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