More than Thirty Million Smartphone Users are Victims of ‘Judy Malware’

More than Thirty Million Smartphone Users are Victims of 'Judy Malware' - komaseo21

More than Thirty Million Smartphone Users are Victims of  ‘Judy Malware’

The world has not been able to emerge from the Ransomware attack, then the news of a virus attack came to light. According to the report, the virus has targeted more than 300 million mobile phones worldwide. The name of this virus is being called Judy. In the tech world, this talk is quite fast that people are making their prey to mobile phones these days.
Recently, a research firm named ‘Checkpoint’ has claimed that a new virus has spread its legs in the Google Play Store, and more than 300 million Android users have come under the scanner.
The company claims that it has already alerted Google by identifying this new malware virus on the Play Store. Not only this, according to the reports, it has been claimed that approximately 41 apps have been infected with this malware named Judi.
It is claimed that this malware is a kind of auto-clicking adware. This means that this malware causes Android users to open them by clicking on the wrong AIDS link and it becomes active as soon as they click on the wrong link. The more clicks, the more revenue goes into the account of the company making this malware.
As soon as this report comes to headlines, Google has started removing this malware from its Play Store. According to the report, its download reaches have increased from 40 million to 1.8 crore.
This malware opens pre-set URLs. After that, a code is formed. This affects the app after which the wrong links start coming. Payments for those who make viruses are generated for these clicks.

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