Lost Phone – What to Do If Your Phone Is Stolen?

Lost Phone – What to Do If Your Phone Is Stolen?

The way mobile incidents are happening, you can not say that my phone can never be stolen. On the bus, in the metro, even in the train, the phone is stolen even while walking. In this case, there is a need to be aware of the phone, and you also need to be careful about mobile data. At the same time, it is also necessary to know what to do if the mobile is stolen. So let’s say one-one step.

1. Phone Track
There are two types of questions in front of you when mobile is stolen or lost. The first question is whether to lock the SIM or save the data. According to me, the first thing to do today is to see the phone’s location.
Today, this feature becomes an Aad after integrating Google ID into Android phone. You can see it in security by going to settings. Here you will find the option of Device Administrator or Device Manager.

Your question will be that if the phone is stolen or lost then how to use this feature? So let me know if you can use it on any other device or even from the web. On Google you will find the option to search Track My Phone by typing. Apart from this, you can find out your phone by downloading the Android Device Manager app in another Android smartphone.
Login will come as soon as you open the web or app. Here you have to login with the same account that you have integrated into your stolen or lost phone. With this you will get the phone track option and you can see the last location.

2. Erase the data immediately
If your phone is lost then there will be ring option. Clicking on your phone will start ringing and if you are around you can find it. On the other hand if the phone has been stolen, then after the track microphone, there should be a second step to destroy the data. You can delete all the data from the phone remotely or simply by any other PC or phone. You will find this option in Android Device Manager.

As soon as they log in to Android Device Manager from any other device. In front, you will get the option of irregular data. Through erase data, all the data available in the phone can be completely destroyed. You can also change the phone’s password from here.

3. Information you can give
However, you can send information to your stolen or lost phone from here. If it seems that your phone can get back to you then you can also give an optional number in the message so that she can contact you. You will find this feature in Android Device Manager.

4. All Accounts Unlink
After the phone is stolen or lost, look at the lecture and destroy the data, start with another process which is very important. That you unlink all the linked accounts in your phone. There are several other account links, including the Dropbox, Google Drive and WhatsApp, from the Gmail account in the phone itself. Un-link them. For this, you go to the website and unlink the options in the profile in the settings. If you login to your Gmail account from the website then clicking on the photo on the right will get the option of profiles and privacy. Clicking on it will open an activity page where you can unlink all accounts and activities.

5. Change all password
However, in the way that data security has become an important issue today, it is not necessary to tell that if your phone is lost or stolen, then change password. Not only the Gmail account, but all the social networking integrated into the phone and the banking account password change immediately.

6. Block the SIM Card

After lifting all the above steps, you block your SIM card. You can block it by making a call in customer care or by visiting the store.

7. FIR
Although most people do not make FIR by thinking of phone being lost, who does not want to get the phone then who has bothered? But let me tell you that if this is the case of any person, then the phone will not be stolen. With the theft call, he can do anything in which the registered IMEI number will show you. Therefore, in case of phone theft or missing, then necessary FIRs should be made. Enter the phone’s IMEI number in the phone FIR. It will be written on the phone box and on the bill. If IMEI number does not know then we have given way ahead. IMEI number can also be found in the lost phone.

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