Laptop Buying Guide 2017

Online Laptop Buying Guide 2017

Laptop Buying Guide 2017

Online Laptop Buying Guide 2017
Online Laptop Buying Guide 2017

The World is converting into digital world, thanks to advanced technology and do so buying electronics gadgets like laptop, mobile become complex process. Everyone wants to purchase the best laptop. Here, list of things are noted down to remember while planning to buy a laptop.


RAM is used to run more applications simultaneously. Always buy more than 4GB RAM laptop to get better performance.

  • 2GB RAM: Entry Level RAM and generally used for internet browsing, office work
  • 4GB RAM: Play games, video editing, surfing, programming and many more purpose.
  • 8 GB RAM: Best for all purpose but for that you needed 64-bit operating system. It is not supported by 32 bit Operating System.


  • It is the heart of laptop also called as microprocessor (in computer) which is look like a chip. Speed of running programs in laptops depends on processor because processor receives input signals and provide relevant outputs.
  •  Intel and AMD are the two main competitors in the processor market. AMD’s CPUs are a bit slower than Intel’s.
  • Speed of processor is measured in GHz or MHz (1Ghz = 1000Mhz)
Types of Processor - AMD and Intel for Laptops Online
Types of Processor – AMD and Intel for Laptops Online

       Intel Processor Versions

Intel Core i7 (latest version) > Intel Core i5 > Intel Core i3 > Intel Core 2 > Intel Core > Intel Pentium > Intel Pentium Dual-Core > Pentium D/EE > Pentium M > Pentium 4 > Intel Xeon > Intel Celeron > Intel Atom > Intel Pentium

Graphics Card

  • It is an important part to process and display images, videos on screen. It is also called video card or graphics driver. If you want to play 3D standalone games, GPU is mandatory. Nowadays, it is available internally in laptop (Integrated Graphics) and you can externally plug it in motherboard also.
  •  Integrated graphics processors use main system’s RAM memory.
  • Total nine generations are available in intel graphics card in which HD Graphics are most popular.

Operating System

Types of Laptops, Computer Operating Stystem with Details Online in India
Types of Laptops, Computer Operating Stystems with Details Online in India

As per use of software, you have to choose os.

  • Windows – Majority of the programs are designed for windows. If you are used to share documents often with other, you should choose windows.
  • Apple/Mac – Businessman and a person having confidential data should use it. You must have apple laptop to use it.
  • Linux – It is most secure o.s because administrator approval is needed for any activity. It is best to program desktop applications.

Battery Power

Batteries have a mAh rating of between 2000mAh to 6000mAh with one year warranty

Hard Drive

The higher space in hard drive, the more data you can store. Two types of hard drives are available:

  • Solid State Drivers (SSDS) : Use less energy, faster, smaller and lighter
  • Hard Disk Drivers (HDD): Low capacity

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