How to Relieve Pain during Cesarean Delivery

How to Relieve Pain during Caesarean Delivery at komalseo21

How to Relieve Pain during Cesarean Delivery

After Cesarean Delivery, women often have to stay on the bed for long periods of time. During this, they have to face pain. But there is a method by which this pain can be removed soon. Indeed, if women giving birth through operation, breastfeeding their children for more than two months, they are likely to get relief for up to three times the relief in pain.

Women who give birth to children by surgery have to face the pain of the operation for more than three months, which affects one in five women. Researchers said that it is widely accepted that the mother’s milk is the most important and most nutritious in the early life of the child, but there was very little information about the effect of breastfeeding in the pain of mother after the operation.  “The initial results show that for more than two months, breastfeeding prevents pain after the operation,” said Carmen Alicia Vargas Berrenjoano, a physician of the University Universitario Neustra Sanora de Valmae in Spain. They said, “Our research gives women another good reason for breastfeeding.” This research was presented in the annual program ‘Eurovisionisia Congress 2017’ organized in Geneva.

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