Health Expert – Babies can be born without SEX

Health Expert – Babies can be born without sex

Thing is about to be astonishing, but Hank Grilli, a professor at Stanford University says that in the next 30 years, people will not need to have sex in order to have children. According to Hank, the reproduction process will change in the next three decades. Parents will have the option to choose any embryo of their choice from different types of embryos prepared in the lab from their DNA. Please tell Hank, the director of the Center for Law and the Biosciences of Stanford Law School.

Even today, there is a process that children without sex are being born, but it is very expensive. Not everybody can find it. But Hank believes that this process will be very cheap in the coming time and the couple will start adopting this process to avoid any kind of illness. In the process of generating unborn babies, samples of female skin are first created and stem cells are then used to make the egg. The sample skin is made by sampling the stem cells first and then it is used to make the egg. In this process, the parent will also have the option to choose the color of the eyes and hair color of the child coming to him.

Professor Hank says, “The most difficult thing of this process will be that the most divorces will be because of this because the wife needs the fetal number 15 and her husband is embryo number 64. How will you decide when a fetus fears a disease and a fear of another disease, but it will gain prominence in music so good luck for the parents. ‘

Study of Hank’s Hanks in the Archives of Sexual Behavior was published in March this year; it found that the frequency of intercrosses has decreased. According to this study, the number of married people in the US in the year 1990 was 73 times in a year, while in 2014 the number of sexes in one year has reduced to 55. So, there are 59 people who have sex in a year.

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