FASHION – Is Fashion and Style for Wavering Minds?

Fashion is for the wavering minds. Do you agree or disagree at komalseo21

FASHION – Is fashion and style for The Wavering Minds???

Fashion is for the wavering minds. Do you agree or disagree at komalseo21
Fashion is for the wavering minds. Do you agree or disagree?

Public’s mindset is changing related to their lifestyle and in my mind, it is not an unworthy in this world which is changed by leaps and bounds. Author overstates the stamen so i am disagreed to view about the fashion.

Fashion has its own definition. It is needed for everyone to show you different in bundle of guys.I would like to explain to you what is the meaning of fashion from my point of view. Fashion is kind of trend which makes your personality. It impacts a lot on others all the time. It is a kind of weapon to not only stand by but also to keep a pace with the rate race world. Fashion is a thing which makes you different from the crowd. I underline that we must move with time. Fashion prevent everywhere like health-care, clothes, literature, hobbies and hairstyle. So no one is more fashionable that does not mean he/ she has a wavering mind.

Fashion is a mandatory thing at everywhere. For the instance, if we consider a matrimonial site, they just write the information and photo about both groom and bridal without making that site descent by modifying it with some ravishing photos, designs or with navigation bars. What impact does it leave on your mind? Would you like to see it? Definitely, you don’t.Like that at everywhere updates require. If you kept your eye at some holy character, in  ‘the ramayan’ and ‘mahabharat’ the characters preferred to dress as per occasion and according to their position. They didn’t wear random clothes. Thus at the other side, we can say that ‘cloths make man’.

Change is human’s nature. It must be required in all’s life. Uniforms also change with time. Everyone have their uniform as per their post and profession. It is not a bone of contention between all. In the end i only say with all my heart that fashion is good, just follow it ,it creates positive change in you.

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