Comparison between Flickr and Picasa for Sharing Digital Pictures

Comparison between Flickr and Picasa for Sharing Digital Pictures at komalseo21

Comparison between Flickr and Picasa for Sharing Digital Pictures

Comparison between Flickr and Picasa for Sharing Digital Pictures at komalseo21
Comparison between Flickr and Picasa for Sharing Digital Pictures

You are quite recently over from a long excursion; your mobile phone and advanced camera are stacked with huge amounts of photos that you have caught all through the outing so how would you impart those critical pictures to your loved ones? That could be a genuine dubious one on the grounds that there exists a plenty of photograph sharing administrations on the web and choosing one that best fits your necessity may include some exertion.




API mature and comprehensive  fewer options than Flickr’s API
Launched February 2004 June 2006
Video types MPEG (1, 2 and 4), 3GP in 1080p HD,AVI, WMV, MOV M2T, MMV, M2TS No HD video, 3GP, AVI, ASF, MOV, WMV, MPG, MP4 can upload 640×480 resolution video, all will be played back at 320×240 or 480×360
Storage limits 1 TB for free accounts. 1 GB free, can pay $5 per year for 20 GB additional storage
Organizing photos organized into sets and collections Photos on Picasa are organized into albums.
Created by Ludicorp Idealab

The two most prominent photograph sharing administrations are Yahoo’s Flickr and Picasa Web Albums, which is possessed by Google. We’ll dive further into each of the administrations to help you pick the correct one for your employment. Flickr is a brand that has turned out to be synonymous with online photograph sharing to such an extent that Yahoo! is relied upon to combine the old-n-well known Yahoo! Photographs with Flickr in the coming months.  Flickr offers 100 MB of free stockpiling each date-book month yet the capacity counter is reset each month so you get for all intents and purposes boundless space on Flickr without spending a penny. (100 MB is useful for putting away upto 120 picture of normal size).  New pictures can be transferred to Flickr by means of cell phones, desktop programming, email connections or through the online interface accessible on Flickr site. Pictures can then be gathered in sets (like “Get-away in Hawaii”) and in addition labels (like “get-away”).

Guests to your Flickr collections can download singular pictures in different sizes or even request photograph prints and different treats (like T-shirts, mugs, schedules, and so on) specifically from the Flickr site. The one exceptionally interesting element of Flickr is that your loved ones can collaborate with the photos – Flickr transforms a picture into a virtual whiteboard where individuals can write content notes.  For example, if your little girl is grinning in a photo, you can include a note that clarifies the clever minute, which may some way or another go unnoticed. Or, on the other hand on the off chance that you have caught a mass of old canvases, connect content notes and guests can simply float their mouse over the individual painting to take in more about them. Furthermore, in the event that you are an inventive expert looking to grandstand your ability to the world, Flickr is a perfect place for you. You can join related groups and photograph pools in Flickr and meet similarly invested individuals (or picture takers) from the whole way across the globe.

Flickr versus Google Picasa web

While Flickr makes it to a great degree simple for you to transfer pictures, it is not all that simple to download Flickr pictures and you may need to take the assistance of outside administrations like Flickr Leech to download photographs from Flickr to your hard-drive.

That is the place Picasa Web Albums beats Flickr. This Google benefit accompanies a photograph altering programming called Picasa that flawlessly incorporates with Picasa Web Albums. Through Picasa, you can do fundamental picture altering (like yield, pivot, shading changes, and so forth) and after that transfer the altered pictures on the web. The product can likewise download photographs from the online Picasa collections to your hard-drive with no exertion.

In spite of the fact that Google is persistently including new elements and more storage room to Picasa, the “cool variable” that you can connect with Flickr is as yet missing in Picasa Web Albums. Outsider sites like PictureTrail, FlickrCash and Tabblo let you accomplish all the more intriguing things with Flickr photographs — you can make 3D photograph 3D squares, astound amusements, slideshows with sound and all the more utilizing these free administrations. With computerized cameras and camera mobile phones getting less expensive consistently, the volume of advanced media on our hard-drives will keep on growing a far cry. These photograph sharing sites not just make it simple for others to see our substance, they additionally go about as solid reinforcement benefits in the imaginable case of a framework crash.

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