5 Essential Oils that Can Transform Your Skin

5 Essential Oils that Can Transform Your Skin

5 Essential Oils that Can Transform Your Skin

Applying oil to the skin might sound a little odd. However, they have proved to be a holy-grail product for the skin for centuries. The best part about using oils on the skin is that they are completely organic with no side effects, fragrance and chemicals. Making essential oils a part of your skincare routine will not only help the skin glow but some actually address serious skin problems as well. You can use them as moisturizers, serums and even great night masks for skin. Here is a small list of the best essential oils along with their distinct benefits for you. Read through and thank me later!

Lavender Oil (for Mature Skin)
If you are looking for a natural anti-aging product, you must add lavender oil to your skincare routine. It smells great and it helps to relax the mind while de-stressing the skin. It helps the regeneration of skin cells while you sleep. It helps in removing wrinkles and fine lines as well. You can apply it as a night mask for your mature skin to get the best results.

Rose Hip Oil (for Dry Skin)
Rose hip oil has the incredible power to soften the dry and dead skin. Plus, it consists of anti-inflammatory properties which are great for soothing down the burning skin with all those dry patches. This oil can heal the skin and refine the texture of the skin. You can apply it to cracked heels before going to bed for getting rid of them as well.

Tea Tree Oil (for Acne Prone Skin)
This oil is a magical potion for acne and sudden breakouts. It has got the anti-bacterial properties and very thin consistency. It goes deep into the skin and kills the bacteria. Plus, its anti-inflammatory properties help in removing any redness and swelling on the pimple in no time as well. It also regulates the oil production on the skin which eventually prevents acne.

Argan Oil (for Oily Skin)
The skin produces excess oil when the pH level is not in balance, which is one of the causes of acne as well. Argan oil comes to the rescue for such skin and balances the oil production. I would suggest you to add it to your skincare routine especially if you use a lot of cleansers and masks that strip off the layer of natural oils which in turn forces more oil on the skin. Apply it after you are done cleansing and toning your skin, right before you head to your bed.

Bergamot Oil (Spot Treatment)
If you have got any spots on the skin, fret not! Get bergamot oil for yourself. It has got the astringent properties that help in fading scars. Plus, it helps in regenerating skin cells and shedding the dead ones. It helps in balancing the natural melanin in the skin and evens out any spots and discoloration on the skin.

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