12 Risk Factors Associated with Breast Cancer

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12 Risk Factors Associated with Breast Cancer

Indian women are also posting heart on the social media on Breast Cancer Awareness Week from last one or two days, due to lack of knowledge, men are happy to make funny comments on them. Well, it is good to talk about it, but if you share some information with the heart then it will be better. Breast cancer is the most prominent cancer in women. Approximately 32% of all cancers The 12 factors that increase the risk of breast cancer are as follows:
1. Being a gender / sex-woman is the biggest reason in itself. In men, it happens but only 1%.
2.Ex- 50 years later, its appetite greatly increases. Nowadays 40-60 years are considered as peak edges. However in some cases before 40 and even after 60 may be possible.
3.Tension and depression- The cancerous cells and genes in the body remain in the sleep state. Sometimes a cancer cell begins to split, so our immune system/immunity destroys it. Immunity from stress and depression is low and all kinds of diseases start lifting.
4. Long-term effects of harmonics – The risk of cancer increases if there is a longer amount of longevity in the body of the estrogen hormone. It happens in these cases-
* Long-running HRT-that of Hormonal Replacement Therapy increases breast cancer risk.
* Contraception pills – Hormones also found in contraceptive pills increase the risk when taken for too long.
* Menstruation begins early and menopause is delayed – whose menstrual period starts before 12 years or after 55 years of age, their risk increases due to long-term hormonal upheaval in their body.
5. The density of the place- The density of the breasts which have high concentration of tissues than fat is also increased. It is difficult to detect tumors in Dense Breast.
6. Long-time weight after menopause gives greater risk of cancer. Fat cells secrete estrogen in a greater amount.
7. Contact with the Diseases – The possibility of cancer increases due to exposure to various radiations.
8. Not being physical activities – Women who do not exercise physical and exercise are on risk.
9. Alcohol and Smoking – Alcohol intake and smoking women increase apprehensions.
10. Epidermal Reason- 5-10% of breast cancer are genetic. It has its history in the family of mother or father. The causes are BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes which are commonly found in the body, but unusual changes (genetic mutations) cause cancer.
11. Pregnancy and breastfeeding – Those women are at higher risk, who have given birth to or have never given birth to the first child after the age of 30. Also, the women who have breastfed for 6 months, the fear of breast cancer is greatly reduced. Meaning breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother along with the child as well.
12.Diet- Unbalanced Catering is an important factor in almost 40% of cancer. Women who take excessive diarrhea of carotenoids, sulfurfen and lycopene, reduce the risk of cancer by 19-25%. These elements are found in green leafy vegetables, yellow and red vegetables, fruits, pulses and whole grains.

Vigilance is the only defense
Any changes in size, color, etc. of breasts, any kind of lump, pain, swelling, nipple, no secretion except in the breastfeeding period, do not ignore any changes in the skin over the breast, and immediately seek medical advice Take it.

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